Valentus Coffee UK – Scam Or Not?

Valentus Coffee has caused a stir in the UK. So I thought I’d check out whether its a scam or not.

Launched in 2014 Valentus quickly became the fastest growing weight loss coffee in the world. And despite being based in the USA it didn’t take long for this “magic” coffee to find it’s way to the UK. But it wasn’t without it’s hiccups, in what would become known as the Valentus coffee scandal.

So what is Valentus coffee? Is it a scam? and where can you buy it?

Let’s dig in…

Valentus Coffee Uk

What is Valentus coffee?

Valentus coffee also known as slimroast or prevail coffee is a coffee that claims to help you lose weight. According to the official Valentus website, their slimroast coffee,

  • Has natural ingredients to support appitite and cravings
  • Supports the bodies own natural sugar levels
  • Supports fat metabolism
  • Provides support for brain health and focus
  • May elevate mood
  • Is an antioxidant

Now I’m not sure about you but that is all sounding pretty good to me, so why the scandal?

Valentus Coffee UK Scandal

The UK Valentus coffee scandal was less about the product and more about the business model. Here’s what happened. Some of the ingredients in the weight loss coffee were not legal in the UK, and therefore some distributors who had paid out for bulk amounts of product were contacted by trading standards and told they can’t continue to sell them. It left some early UK Valentus coffee distributors with a hole in their pocket and a load of product they couldn’t do anything with.

Valentus as a company didn’t comment on the issue. One of the distributors “shut down” was former Miss England finalist Charlotte Thompson.

Since this time Valentus have released a new weight loss coffee blend aimed at the european marketing including the UK. Valentus also encourage their distributors not to stock pile product but simply buy what they need and let their customers order online.

So what is this business model that Valentus use?

Valentus Coffee’s Business Model

Valentus coffee is a MLM company. MLM stands for multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing. Network marketing is a bit like marmite. Some people love it, others hate it. Usually when someone hates it, it’s because they or someone they know have tried and failed to make money. And some will have even lost money.

Despite this marmite effect, network marketing has lots of endorsements from business people such as Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Robert Kiyosaki. As well as being told in top business schools around the world.

To learn more about network marketing check out this interview with Tony Robbins on the power of network marketing.

The key thing about network marketing is getting leads and creating sales. There are no easy businesses in the world, and so it takes hard work. But if you have the determination to succeed then you can certainly make money with network marketing.

So does Valentus coffee work?

My Experience With Valentus Coffee

I decided to give Valentus a try so that I could form my own opinion. I have purchased 4 of their products. I brought the slimroast cocoa, tropical blast, europa cocoa and prevail max spray.

I found the the cocoa taste a little different then I expected it too, but then again I have my hot chocolates full of cream and sugar! It wasn’t unpleasant and the more I drank the more the taste grew on me.

The max spray is easy to use and pleasant and the tropical blast drink is divine!

But I guess the big question you’ll be asking is does it actually work?

Can You Actually Lose Weight With Valentus?

This is the million dollar question. Can you actually lose weight by simply drinking a cup of Valentus weight loss coffee? The answer is yes and no. Let me explain.

If you simply want to drink Valentus weight loss coffee, carry on eating whatever you like and still lose weight then you will have a shock, as it simply won’t work. But which diet would?

However if you view Valentus weight loss coffee as an aid to help your weight loss journey, it 100% works. I found that whilst using the cocoa hot drinks and the tropic blast, my cravings (and I get a lot) ceased and it was easier to stick to the diet.

Want to give Valentus coffee a go?

Where NOT To Buy Valentus Coffee In The UK?

It seems strange to tell you where not to buy something, and I will tell you where you can buy it. But firstly, please don’t buy Valentus coffee from Amazon. Let me explain why.

If you are buying from amazon this means someone has brought the product, and then are selling, this way you don’t know how long they’ve had the product and you have no relationship with Valentus. This means if there is anything wrong, Valentus can’t help you.

So where should you buy your Valentus coffee in the UK?

Where To Buy Valentus Products In The UK?

You should only buy Valentus coffee directly from Valentus. You can click here to shop online.

There are 2 ways to become a Valentus customer. You can either become a preferred customer, or for a one off $20 become an independant representative, it’s completely up to you.

If you want to learn more about Valentus coffee watch this video

PS. Find out why I started an online coffee shop with Valentus here

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