How I’m Using Fiverr To Grow My WordPress Blog Fast

Want to see how I’m using fiverr to grow my wordpress blog fast? As I’ve promised I’m going to blog about every step of building my online business. It seems logical to me that if I’m going to start blogging I should drive some traffic to the blog, right?

So in this post I want to share with you how I’m using fiverr to grow my brand new wordpress blog fast.

How I'm using fiverr to grow my wordpress blog fast

What’s fiverr?

fiverr is a freelancer marketplace, think of it a bit like an ebay for skills. You can find every skill you could ever want. Need a web designer, they have it. Want a blog written, graphics designed or adwords managed, you’re covered.

It’s a great place to get your the skills you need to get your brand new online business off the ground. And that’s exactly what I’ve done. Let me walk you through the gigs I’ve brought.

Oh and by the way a “gig” is fiverrs name for the service you buy.

#1 – Guest Post On DA 80 Website

When it comes to getting traffic to your brand new wordpress blog, it’s important to build backlinks. Backlinks are essentially links from other websites to yours. But it’s not that simple. Because some links are good and some are less good. Put simply if the link comes from a relevent website that is seen by google as an authority on that subject, it’s worth more than if it just comes from a directory.

One great way of getting some good quality backlinks is to get a blog that has a healthy level of traffic to publish a guest post that links back to your website.

That is what this gig is all about. Getting my link of a blog which is already enjoying a good level of traffic.

EDIT – You can read the article here

#2 – Increase Moz DA To 60+

The second gig I purchased was a gig to boost my Moz domain authority to 60+. In simple terms think of domain authority like a website credit rating. And Moz as a credit reference agency. It takes time to build you domain authority. It is calculated on a number of factors. But there are things that can help it along.

You can grab this gig here!

#3 – Blog Post Written By A Doctor

The third gig that I have brought to help grow my brand new wordpress blog fast is a blog post written by a doctor. Valentus coffee is a weight loss coffee with great nutritional benefits. Although I have to confess writing about nutrition and health isn’t overly in my skill set. But thankfull fiverr sorted that.

I’ll be sure to leave a link in the comments when I get to publish the post so you can read it for yourself.

EDIT – You can read the article here

Give fiverr a go

So if you have a wordpress blog that you want to grow fast, give fiverr a go. I would recommend doing what you can yourself to save some pennies but when it comes to something you can’t do. I’d head over to fiverr and grab yourself a bargin!

Once again you can check out fiverr here

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