I love reading blogs, especially MLM blogs. By the way in case you’re wondering MLM stands for multi-level marketing. MLM is also referred to as network marketing.

There are a tonne of home business blogs out there, although some are better then others! Trust me, i’ve read loads of them. So I decided to make a list of my 5 go to blogs that I read when I want a quick tip, fresh insight or need motivation.

#1 Ray Higdon’s Blog

Found at https://rayhigdon.com/blog/

Ray is a master of the network marketing world. If even just the slightest bit of his rubs off on me, i’d be happy. Ray and Jessica never cease giving, and their blog is one of the ways that they love to give. It’s ram packed with nuggets of information that can help you grow a large and successful home based business.

Together they also help people with their community called Rank Makers.

#2 Simon Chan’s Blog

Found at https://mlmnation.com/blog/

Simon is a lion of the network marketing blog space. His MLM Nation movement is massive and his content isn’t much smaller. Simon gives out great training and help to get the new network marketer off the start line. But one of the things he does that I like best is that he interviews loads of mlmers.

Simon also has an amazing podcast series you can get on apple or google podcasts.

#3 Frazer Brookes’ Blog

Found at frazerbrookes.com

Frazer is the king of building a network marketing business on social media. When Frazer first started out he made the decision that he was going to use social media to build his business, even though his dad (also a network marketing legend) said it wouldn’t work. His training is mad, and his success rate is even more mad.

He also has an awesome book called I Dare You, in which he leads you through simple but important steps daily to build your network marketing business like wildfire.

#4 Whit & Cari Higham’s Blog

Found at https://www.whitandcarihigham.com/blog/

Whit and Cari are a power couple in the network marketing world and it’s not hard to see why. I love their story as they struggled to build their business just like everyone does when they first get started. They discovered some powerful online marketing methods that they now teach people to also use to build an online business.

#5 Chuck Holmes’ Blog

Found at https://onlinemlmcommunity.com/

The online MLM community blog is full of hundreds of posts. It’s a bit of libary covering nearly every topic you can think of the in the network marketing world. Ranging from which MLM company to join all the way through to how to create your own online lead system.


I hope that this list of my 5 go to MLM blogs will help you find loads of free training, tips and help to get you going in network marketing.

This blog that you are now reading is my brand new blog which I hope will become my diary of starting an online business. I really hope you will choose to follow my journey.

You can check out my first blog post here

Do you have a network marketing blog that you love to check out? Why not leave a link in the comments so we can all enjoy MLM blogs!

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