Earning a CMA can lead to job security and higher salaries. Most certified CMAs report higher job satisfaction and decision-making power in their organizations. According to a recent survey, 70 percent of CMAs reported that their CMA title had improved their career opportunities. Additionally, CMA certification is recognized globally. This opens up opportunities to work in foreign countries or large multinational companies. See over here to find the best institute for your CMA classes in Dubai.

Exam structure:

The CMA certification exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and two essay scenarios. There is no pre-determined order to take the exam; candidates should choose the part that fits their experience and interest best. However, many candidates take Part 2 first because of its higher pass rate. This could be due to a “weed-out effect” from Part 1.

Experience requirements:

To become a CMA, you must have relevant work experience in management accounting. This may seem overwhelming, but it’s a very straightforward process. Jobs in which you use management accounting principles occasionally will not be considered relevant experience. Internships and traineeships are not relevant either, as they don’t involve enough application of management accounting principles.

Levels of knowledge required:

The CMA certification exam covers a variety of topics. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and an essay. A panel of highly skilled graders grades the exam’s questions

The CMA exam has two parts: Part I and Part II. Both parts must be passed to earn the certification. You must also complete two years of full-time employment, or at least twenty hours a week. This experience does not have to be completed before enrolling in the CMA program but must be completed within seven years of passing the exam. This requirement does not apply to those who are in the midst of an MBA program.

Passing score:

The CMA exam is a national examination. This credential has a high degree of professional credibility, and many employers prefer candidates with this certification. It is administered at hundreds of testing centers nationwide. This ensures that candidates earn credentials from secure testing centers rather than less-secure testing centers. If you are considering CMA exams, you should read this article once.