Men’s three-piece suits are a popular fashion choice, particularly for business people. They are traditionally associated with formal occasions and require coordinating accessories. However, men are increasingly opening up to wearing suits daily, and men’s three-piece suits are making a comeback in style. However, it’s helpful to understand a few basics before you decide on a particular style.

Choose the right color, fabric, and fit:

Before buying men’sĀ 3 piece suits in Dubai, choosing the right color, fabric, and fit is important. A three-piece suit should suit the occasion it is being worn to. For example, a funeral is an occasion that calls for a dark blue color, and a blue three-piece suit is a good choice for that event. Similarly, the right fit should be determined by the body type of the person wearing the suit. For example, if the person wearing it is slim and fit, he should go for a modern fit, while someone with a larger body should go for a classic fit.

Choose the right tie for the suit:

Picking a tie is another key aspect of choosing a three-piece suit. Tie colors should match the suit’s color. Choosing a tie with a matching pocket square is also important. If the two are not coordinated, the result could be an awkward look.


Pinstripe suits are great for formal occasions. They can make an impression with a classic and timeless look. Choose from various colors and patterns, including red, navy, black, and white. The main thing to remember when purchasing a pinstripe suit is to avoid patterned shirts and textured ties, as they may clash with the suit’s stripes.

Light to medium gray:

The light gray suit is an excellent choice for various business occasions. It is considered the daytime counterpart to the dark charcoal suit, making it the perfect choice for business events that are more casual in style. This shade of gray works well with various colors and patterns, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of formal occasions.

Consider mixing and matching pieces:

Another tip to remember when buying men’s three-piece suits is to mix and match pieces. Although this can be done, it’s still best to use caution. If the pieces don’t mesh well, it’s best to discard them altogether. Likewise, if you don’t like the look of the waistcoat, you can get a casual look by removing it. Instead, you can wear a crisp white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a tie. You can also switch out the waistcoat for a knit or vest.