Nursery education can be a difficult and frightening experience for parents. However, it is a wonderful opportunity for children to explore, socialize, and make new friends. These aspects of learning by play can enhance a child’s self-confidence and help them develop a healthy disposition and personality. In addition, this time spent away from home can help prepare them for the rigors of school. If you consider sending your child to a nursery in Marina Dubai, read these benefits first.

Early childhood education:

There are a lot of benefits to early childhood education. For instance, studies have shown that kids who participate in early childhood education programs have fewer academic difficulties and higher earning potential when they reach adulthood. One study, the Abecedarian Early Intervention Project, followed two groups of children for 35 years. It found that kids who participated in an early childhood education program were more likely to graduate from high school and attend college. The studies also found that these children had better mental and physical health.


Socialization is a key component of childhood development. It helps children develop empathy and improves language skills. In addition, it helps them understand concepts such as sharing, teamwork, and respect for others. It also fosters creativity and a positive outlook.

Learning through play:

Learning through play promotes student engagement, inclusion, and holistic skill development in young children. It also leverages children’s inherent curiosity and facilitates the transition to formal school. Yet, few studies have evaluated the effectiveness of learning through play in a formal school context. Moreover, little is known about the conditions that make it effective.


One of the key benefits of a quality nursery education is its positive effect on self-esteem. Research has shown that children with good self-esteem are more resilient, have more control over their lives, and feel better about themselves. Nurturing a child’s self-esteem is fundamental for their development.


A structured nursery education benefits your child in many ways. Not only does it provide a stimulating and nurturing environment, but it also helps your child develop social skills. Children are encouraged to play with other children and communicate their feelings. This is an important step for their development and will help them when they leave school.