Welcome to my brand new home business blog all about how I’ve opened an online coffee shop with Valentus. Valentus is a weight loss coffee company in the network marketing space. Opened in 2014 they are now one of the fastest network marketing companies today.

Having decided to give it a go at building an online business I knew it was important for me to choose a business that was strong. And that is why I chose the open a business with Valentus.

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Valentus Coffee Blog
Copy me and start your own online coffee shop!

Why I’m Making Money Online

It’s 2021, the year after the pandemic destroyed all of our lives. My own business as a driving instructor actually failed as a result of all the lockdowns. I lost all my savings and recieved no support. Having to pick myself off and get going again was tough.

I have often wanted to build my own online business. But like many people I felt too scared, as everyone knows the internet is full of scams.

But when I found Valentus coffee I thought what have I got to lose? And now you can follow my journey on this Valentus coffee blog!

Was Valentus An Easy Choice?

Joining Valentus coffee seemed like a great idea but I had my concerns. Valentus coffee had their own issues in the past, being made illegal in the UK. Although looking into this I found that this isnt the whole truth. Yes Valentus reps weren’t allowed to sell some products but they aren’t illegal. In fact Valentus coffee ship directly to the UK!

But still I had my concerns as I wouldn’t feel comfortable working with a company that wasn’t above board.

I decided to do my due dilligence and try some of the Valentus products. I tried some slimroast coffee, weight loss hot chocolate and prevail max spray. And I was impressed.

Why Am I Blogging?

One thing I wanted when I was longing into starting an online business, is to find someone with a realistic story that I could follow! I wanted to hear about the ups and downs of having an online business.

Often many home business blogs are photoshopped into making it look easy and full of money. But if that was really the case, we’d all be doing it right?

I didn’t want that. And that’s why I decided to start the very home business blog I was searching for.

So welcome to my Valentus blog…

If you’d like to read a review of Valentus coffee, click here!

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