As you may know I want to keep you up to date on my journey to building an online business. So here is my weekly(ish) update including why I decided to join the Legendary Marketer 15 bootcamp.

Deciding to build my network marketing business in a completely online way hasn’t been an easy choice. Well, actually it is. What I meant to say is that it isn’t an easy task.

If you have been involved with online marketing in any way you will know that it comes down to creating traffic, capturing leads, sales funnels, up sells… and so much more.

I don’t know about you, but to me it sounds like rocket science.

Weekly Update Legendary Marketer

Creating Content

One of the things that I have been doing is trying to create new, seo friendly content for my blog to help me attract more traffic. Now this is never going to be a quick task. It takes time to write content, edit and make sure that it is seo friendly. Plus it can take a while to actually get any kind of ranking on google.

This past week or so I have written a few blogs about starting my online coffee shop. I also blogged about using Fiverr to build my online business. And released one of the blog posts that I paid to have written for me.

Legendary Marketer

One of the other things that I decided to do was enrol in the Legendary Marketer 15 day challenge. This challenge is designed to give a solid, basic understanding of making money online. It is mainly for new affiliate marketers but I knew that much of the content would be relevent to what I am doing.

So far I have completed day 1 and 2. It has been very valueable already just learning about the basic structure of online marketing as well as the 3 profit activators.

#1 Attracting a healthy number of customers

#2 Encouraging repeat business from customers

#3 Using high ticket sales to increase revenue

I know that this training will be really helpful as I build my online coffee shop!

Incase You Didn’t Know

As I was typing this blog post the thought dawned on me. What if this is the first post of mine you have come across?

So I guess I better fill you in!

My name is Tom. I am building an online coffee shop in the network marketing space, completely online. That means I am not creating a “warm list”. I am not prospecting nor am I approaching family or friends to tell them about my new business.

And I am blogging every step of the way so you can follow my journey. As I invite you to join me and copy my coffee shop!

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