About Me – Building An Online Business

Howdy! My name is Tom, and I’m on mission to replace my full time income by building an online business, an online coffee shop to be exact. In this blog I plan to share my journey. The good, the bad and the reality!

I love the home business world but have never had much success. I used to read a tonne of blogs about how to build a network marketing business. Nearly always these blogs were written by experts who has reached the top of the mountain. But I want this blog to be different.

And that’s why this blog is written from the bottom of the mountain. I am just starting out and I want to document my journey for you. But more than that, I want to invite you along. So why not copy my coffee shop?

Learning To Build An Online Business

I don’t confess to know it all. In fact I’m learning how to build a business online. So as I go I am learning fresh skills such as how to start a success blog, how to attract website traffic, and how to convert traffic into sales.

As I learn I will be sharing with you exactly what I’ve learnt and how I am implementing it so you can do the same.

There are loads of places you can go to learn how to build a successful online business. Whether you check out blogs, YouTube or even buy a course at Udemy. I hope to help narrow down the really useful stuff so you can go for gold straight off the bat.

Copy Me

The real aim of this blog is to ignite your passion to start your own online business. That’s exactly why I’ve called my blog, copy my coffee shop. Because you can literally copy what I do!

See you on the journey!

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